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Training  &  initiation workshops

We offer training and initiation workshops to digital platforms.


Our workshops are available for many  different types of clientele, such as the youth, adult learners, schools, libraries and other public institutions, as well as businesses to meet their unique needs.


We work with different free and opensource softwares such as Inkscape (vector illustration), Medibang Paint Pro (illustration), Tinkercad (3D modelling), etc.


Here are examples of our workshops.


*Masks made by participants of our initiation to Medibang Paint Pro workshop offered in partnership with the Longueuil Public Library.


Training :

Initiation to modelling three dimensional objects. Includes an overview of the basic tools and their applications.


Objectives :

After this educative activity, the participants are able to understand the platform's logic and use the main tools to construct a simple virtual object.

Tinkercad - 3D Modelling

Medibang  PAint  pro


Training :

Allows learning of the rudiments in digital drawing and creation. 


1-  The first training workshop consists of an overview and usage of the principal drawing tools.

2- The second training workshop is an overview of the coloration of a digital illustration.


This activity provides basic knowledge for creation of a simple image derived from an internet model.


3- The third training is an initiation to scanning personal images, and learning the basics of observation drawing by using tools on this platform.

Objective :

Participants are able to scan their own images (drawing, pictures, etc.) by learning the basics of obsvervasion drawing and then modify them by using this creative platform.

Cura - simplify / 3D Slicing


Training :  

Initiation to slicing 3D models and preparing 3D prints. Consists of an overview of different basic tools and their application. 


Objectives :

This training helps users understanding this step upstream of 3D printing and improve their technical skills.

3d  printing  initiation

Training :

Overview of the history and use of 3D printing in today's industrial and hobby spheres. Informs participants about the lastest breaktrhougths in terms of 3D printing.


After this activity, participants are able to identify the principal tools to use, best practices and the trends in this innovative domain.




Training :
Overview of the functions and basic tools used to create a vector image.

Objectives :
Participants will be able to vectorize an image and modify it by using the most common tools.

Moreover, this training is concurrent with projects involving vinyl cutter. This training allows to create stickers and customize items like clothes, reusable bags, masks, etc.

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