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Un  projet Ambitieux

The project « Save each life » is an initiative by the AscensionX team with the goal of pooling their skills in order to produce a prototype of an automatic repsirator that can aid in the shortage of medical materials in the health network.

The team’s foremost desire is to create a project that is opensource and free to use.

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Project "Save every life"

For the last two years, we’ve developed our company, AscensionX, to specialize in 3D modeling, 3D printing, and electronics. Witnessing the amplitude of the current Covid-19 crisis, we decided to use our knowledge and our equipment to participate in the immense collective effort.

The Montreal General Hospital foundation, in collaboration with The Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, launched “Code Life Ventilator Challenge”. The goal: Find a way to build artificial respirators with new technologies to counter the current and anticipated shortages. We have been working on this project for a couple of days with partners and our objective is to orient our capacities toward the medical needs during the current crisis.

Our goal

- We want to develop an artificial respirator to save lives using accessible medical equipment as well as electronics and 3D printing.

- We will publish most of the information to build the equipment, be it in Canada or anywhere in the world, online and for free.  This will include: the design, pieces, assembly guides, and user guides.

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Funding  usage

To reach our goal, we need your support to obtain certain medical materials and prototyping materials to speed up our research. The base amount of 1750$ would let us cover the following needs:

- Medical equipment: Masks, tubes, diverse valves, HEPA filters, oxygen and air tanks, regulators, etc.

- Electronics: diverse sensors, microcontrollers, tactile screens, batteries, etc.

- 3D printing: diverse filaments, fire and water resistant, and medically safe

Du soutien généreux  Du  public!

The project was financially sustained by the generous donations from colleagues, families and friends via a GOFUNDME campain.

You can still contribute and help the project by clicking on the the following image :

Gifts  to  donators

To thank you for your generosity, we will reward the donators based on a tier.  The prizes can be the following items:

- Funding of more than 40$: A vinyl sticker “Sauvons chaque vie”

- Funding of more than 100$: The sticker, and a t-shirt “Sauvons chaque vie” (provide your size)

- Funding of more than 175$: The sticker, the t-shirt, and 3D printed figurines of our AscensionX team members.

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This project was published in Courrier du Sud on the 7 april 2020.


Click on this link to read the article:

The projet have been also publish in La on the 20 april 2020:

Click on this link to read the article:

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